Carla - Social 7, Dock 10 and Penelope’s Deli Catering

We speak to Carla who runs three companies: Social 7, Dock10 and Penelope’s Deli Catering.

Tell us more about your company?

I run three companies. There is Social 7, which is here at The Landing, and we run mainly corporate events. Social 7 has a tech twist which we believe makes us unique, as well as providing a formal setting with informal service.

I also run Dock10 which sees us arrange all the catering for Media City. This can be tough but we put as much effort in as possible to make sure that everything keeps flowing and growing.

Finally, I run Penelope’s Deli Catering. We cater for all audiences here at media city and I am really proud of that.

What is your companies mission?

As long as I am still enjoying it and we keep having refreshing ideas, the mission continues.

What’s different about your company?

Not a million things if I am being honest. I would say that we are quite ethical, for example, every three months our employees must take a week holiday.

When did you start off?

Penelope’s began just over 6 years ago, Dock10 has been running for 2 and a half years and Social 7 is a little more than a year old.

Where is your company in its journey now?

We know that this isn’t the end goal for our employees, this is a bridge, and we want to be able to assist them to where they want to be. There is no set journey or goal, if I am enjoying my work it will continue.

What have been your biggest challenges to get where you are today?

It’s constant. Just when you think you have nailed something, you’ve not, and then you just have to go again.

What attracted you to The Landing?

I really believed in what I was pitched by The Landing. It felt like something I could really buy into and they held similar values.

Where do you see yourself and your company in 2025?

The honest answer would be, I really don’t know. However, I couldn’t imagine not being in Media City. As long as Media City is growing, I am interested.

Biggest moment of your career?

Getting Social 7 was massive for me. I was so humbled and proud that they approached me and wanted to include me in the future of The Landing.

As an Entrepreneur what tips do you have for Entrepreneurs starting out on their journey?

Be patient, you have to take baby steps up the ladder, don’t just rush into things trying to force growth of your company. Work hard and remain level-headed and move on if things go wrong, not everything is going to be perfect.

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