Rapid Prototyping:

Tom Lamont from Worthing shares his unique and stunning guitar that was made at our Eagle Lab in Brighton, using the latest in laser etching technology.

Tom's story

I’m in a band called Barriers and when I saw the laser cutter at Brighton Eagle Labs I was instantly inspired to create something cool. My initial reaction was to get the awesome design from our debut EP launch cut into my guitar.

Yes you can touch the design (it's all bumpy) and it doesn't hinder the performance or playability of the guitar at all. I hope this is a first step to creating new and beautiful musical instruments in this way using the latest technology.

I’d like to say a massive thanks to Jon Paterson at the Eagle Lab in Brighton for helping me build the laser ready files and get them bang on. Words can't really express how awesome this custom guitar design project was and I can't wait to show it off at our next set of gigs!

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