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Coding Your First Project: A Self-Watering Plant

This session is a perfect way to start your coding life with a twist. Be prepared to get a little wet as we code up the BBC micro:bit to self-water your new plant.


Coding Your First Project: A Self-Watering Plant

Clock Icon 6 hours
Pound Sterling Icon £100 per person, plus £25 parts per person
Location Pin Icon

Brighton Eagle Lab, 1 Preston Road, Brighton, BN1 4QE

BBC micro:bit attached to a Plant

The day will start with looking at a wide range of tech and how this can be used. This should begin to get the imagination up and running.

Each team of three will then be asked to design a process of how they can use the tech in the room to make an automatic and coded self-watering plant.

The Teams will feed this back to the group and parts of the design can be used in the final model. Throughtout the process we will be learning to code, using electronics and how the smallest idea can build into something so cool.

Lunch will be provided and no experience is needed

Each group member will leave with a plant, self-watering system and a BBC micro:bit.

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