Bournemouth Eagle Lab is 1 year old

Today we are celebrating a whole year of success since the start button was pressed to etch the plaque commemorating our grand opening; we were privileged to welcome the legend that is Eddie Howe on December 15th 2015.

For those that haven't visited, the lab is located in County Gates House in Westbourne, close to Bournemouth town centre. It supports high-potential businesses and entrepreneurs to innovate and grow through offering a blend of co-working, business incubation, mentoring and rapid prototyping services.

As well as supporting businesses, we are here to serve as a facility for the wider community, acting as a hub for digital empowerment, education, collaboration, event hosting and support putting ourselves in the heart of the community.

We have welcomed over 7 thousand people through our doors and have now seen the Eagle Lab family grow to include Labs in; Jersey, Salford, Cambridge Chesterton, Cambridge Cherry-Hinton, Birmingham, Notting Hill and Norwich.

We now have many businesses based at the lab permanently from a huge range of backgrounds - from Fin-Tec to recruitment, hospitality to trading.

We have a developed a solid portfolio of rapid prototyping examples, where local businesses use our space and equipment, (such as laser cutters 3d printers) to produce high quality prototypes all working on iterative design methods.

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