bondsmart: Flight Update

Six months on from graduating from the Barclays Eagle Lab Flight programme, we catch up with the team at bondsmart, the revolutionary new online savings platform.

Here we check on their developments and achievements...

The current savings market is failing those relying on their savings to produce a decent income. Savers must choose between either low fixed returns or higher return products with uncertain pay outs, high minimum investments or hidden risks.

bondsmart intends to disrupt the savings and wealth management market.

What is bondsmart?

They are a new fintech offering a ‘fractional’ corporate bond platform. By investing with others, users get access to the inaccessible – corporate bonds from many well-known brands such as Tesco, Ladbrokes, Virgin Media and many more.

Essentially it’s smart access to big company action, at a fraction, with clear costs and controls.

For some non-technical illustrations of how it works check out

What have you done since the programme? 

  • Built on the cornerstones of the brand and company values to be the foundation of everything we do. The importance of this in a startup cannot be under-estimated!
  • We have engineered simple and frictionless user experiences.
  • A focus on the difficult things in a startup, i.e. the things that are out of our immediate control, such as route to market and distributor appointment. This has meant lots of shoe leather and networking.


What do you see in the next twelve months?

In the next 12 months we expect to:

  • Have an active and growing IFA and direct to consumer product.
  • Establish international bank distribution with ‘best-in-class’ overseas partners.
  • To continue to create innovative jobs in the UK and served a global client base.

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