Big Data in Bournemouth Lab

A lively, interactive session titled ‘Big Data – Will it catch on?’ was presented at Bournemouth Eagle Lab, bringing to life how the use of technology can directly impact businesses by reducing costs or increasing revenue. Aimed at business owners and key decision makers within local SME’s, the event focussed on real examples, local entrepreneurship and how Barclays can assist in harnessing data and using it effectively.

Lewis Hunt, Barclays Business Digital Eagle, set the scene with a demonstration of how our personal devices are collecting data and how this may be used. After demonstrating how your iPhone tracks and stores your locations and knows where home is, he outlined how this could be used to bring your favourite coffee shop to places you frequent and also how to combat use by cyber criminals. This was further illustrated with real life examples related to attendees businesses, such as Tesco aiming to reduce costs millions harnessing temperature data from their freezers or smaller companies utlilsing Google adwords and how the trends show rising influences and interests.

Damien Lee, founder of Mr Lee’s noodles, shared his moving story of building businesses in multiple countries. His response to having been diagnosed with cancer was unusual;

“I vowed when I got better to revolutionise noodles and I was determined to make a more healthy noodle. So I’ve created this wonderful noodle, free from any nasties. And get better I did! I was given the all clear and Mr. Lee’s Noodles was born.”

Mr Lee outlined how their revolutionary video pods not only dispense noodles, but provide targeted entertainment and information based on analytics.

Following this inspiration was an opportunity both to network and to find out more about how Barclays Eagle Labs are helping local businesses to grow.

Danny Jones, Area Manager said “Its nights like this that demonstrate to our local SME population that we are relevant, forward thinking and here to partner up with them through all aspects of sustaining and growing their business. Extremely proud to be a part of the change and not just a knee-jerk reaction to it”

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