Rapid Prototyping:
Rocket by Alfie.

Inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs.

4 year old Alfie came home one day and announced that he wanted to make rockets and sell them, and that he wanted to open a business account to do so. 

As a Barclays colleague, his Mum was aware of Eagle Labs and arranged for Alfie to visit and find out about the processes involved in developing his idea and how rapid prototyping would help him.

Alfie arrived in Salford Eagle Lab with his own drawing of his rocket design and suitably dressed to pilot it!

Starting with helping him to transfer his drawing designs onto a computer, he was shown how to turn the images into a 3d printable design, which was then created and printed for him. 

Alfie’s induction into the maker space didn’t end there, as he was shown how to vinyl cut personalised stickers for his rocket, and worked with James to design and build a laser cut hangar. 

A young entrepreneur is born!

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