When Holly met Agency Kilo

A blog post by Holly Roberts, Bournemouth Eagle Lab Manager

When your passion meets your business that’s when the magic happens and it shows through in the Agency Kilo studio at the Bournemouth Eagle Lab.

I was lucky enough to grab some time with Paul, Founder of Agency Kilo, to understand more about his exciting business and see how Agency Kilo is looking to continue expanding their team in the next few years.

Paul has been producing imagery for designers and architects and helping them evolve their concepts for over 10 years. After trading under his own name, in May 2016 Paul decided to take his business to the next level. With an ever-increasing workload and working long hours from home, it was time to look for a bigger space.

Working at home can be great to save money on office costs and can be flexible around family life, on the other hand it can become quite an isolated option so just as many others, Paul was looking for co-working space to have more interaction with other people and give him more space to expand the company. Finding the Bournemouth Eagle Lab online, Paul made contact and soon became the second resident to have office space. 

Agency Kilo specialise in producing high quality bespoke imagery, animation and virtual reality (VR) experiences that help businesses to sell and communicate designs and concepts long before they are a reality.

Reflecting even in the reason behind the name of the business - the word Agency comes from the concept of Human Agency - referring to the fact that we all have the ability (as an individual or team) to think for ourselves and do things that will influence others, shape our future and change the world around us. Principles Agency Kilo entwine in their work.

During Paul’s time at the Lab he has seen the business grow organically, just recently welcoming Rose to the team full-time after a placement year with the studio.

Being the Lab Manager of the space and seeing the team everyday working on projects, you can see that they share an incredible passion for what they do.

Close up of Rose

The versatility of the team’s skills shine through with the variety of businesses they work with, which includes architects, developers and events companies to name a few.

With a history of working with companies across the world, Paul prides the company on their ability to complete high quality creative work in short spaces of time.

Recently working with an architectural design team in the USA with daily Skype calls, long hours and adjusting to the different time zones. The hard work paid off with some great imagery of different projects from a New England College campus, a new dockland Plaza building in Boston and new apartments in an up and coming area of Baltimore.

The impact that the imagery can have is validated by the successful history of Agency Kilo’s client pitches.

Paul tells me about how an art director wanted to pitch to a prominent Sheik in Dubai to allow an art installation and exhibition space in one of the Sheik’s malls.

The type of business man that is difficult enough to even get in front of let alone pitch to, the client had less than 5 minutes to wow the Sheik but he agreed to go ahead with the proposal within seconds of seeing the imagery and without even reading any of the other documentation.

Again, with a UK company tendering for a new sports complex and up against around 10 other applications, with help of Agency Kilo’s work they were then one of two applications sent straight to a short list and interview, going on to win the project!

Though Paul remains humble about his clearly impressive work, you can see why clients are eager to work with the company.

With the company’s successes and more exciting projects being asked of them, Paul is looking to expand his team. If you’re interested in finding out more about Agency Kilo’s work or to find out more about job opportunities within the company, you can find them at

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