The challenge of gaining trust for FinTech startups

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The alternative investment space is led by traditional companies, and getting them to trust a startup is hard, says Perrin Quarshie, Founder and CEO of RealBlocks.

RealBlocks, a technology platform that connects advisors and investors to the best alternative investment managers, is a finalist for the Rise FinTech Company of the Year Award. In this video Perrin discusses breaking into the market and how RealBlocks has succeeded.

Perrin also reveals three pieces of advice for founders starting out and where he sees the future of financial services going.

On being a finalist he said, “On behalf of our team I'd say that I'm humbled and honoured to have been nominated for the award. It's a great point to showcase our journey within the Barclays ecosystem.”




The Eagle Labs Innovation Award is part of the Barclays Entrepreneur Awards.

This year the event will be held virtually, on 26 November.

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