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SATAVIA's mission is to transform the relationship between aviation and the environment, both by targeting the indirect climate effects of aviation and by enabling smarter fleet maintenance and condition monitoring.


Almost two-thirds of aviation's climate impact - and 2% of all human-induced climate impact - is due to non-CO2 effects from contrails formed by aircraft at cruise. SATAVIA’s unique DECISIONX:NETZERO system uses AI-powered data analytics and enterprise-grade platform to enable contrail prevention through smarter flight-planning, enabling aircraft operators to accurately forecast, avoid, validate, quantify and offset aviation contrail emissions.

SATAVIA also engages with environmental impacts on aviation. DECISIONX:FLEET tracks global active aircraft fleets and long-term parked aircraft to quantify exposure and corrosion risk factors over aircraft and engine lifetime, enabling OEMs, MROs, and aircraft operators to enhance aircraft performance and monitoring, streamline maintenance, and optimise aircraft return-to-service and time-on-wing.

"Eagle Labs has enabled us to scale organically and has provided access to coaching and mentorship through its strong link to the Judge Business School Entrepreneurship Centre. SATAVIA was recently Highly Commended in the Eagle Labs Innovation category in the 2020 Barclays Entrepreneur Award, and we look forward to a continued close relationship with Barclays High Growth and Entrepreneurs as we continue our start-up journey."



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