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Self-directed investment management

One of our partners1, Bridgeweave, has developed an exciting new app that’s designed to help experienced, self-directed investors to stay more informed around their own investments.  Its design enables an investor to select and monitor key financial metrics relevant to shares listed on major financial markets, and will provide alerts when it detects that criteria set by the user have been met.

A special invitation 

As a valued customer we’d like to invite you to test the Bridgeweave app for free over a three-month period, and give your feedback. The app will provide you with relevant insights based on your existing investment holdings, chosen themes and sectors, trading history and other investment preferences. Its designed to help you stay more informed and offer insights regardless of where you hold your investments, whether with Barclays or other providers.

Specifically, the Bridgeweave app currently provides the following five types of insight:

  1. Relative Valuations: Shows the relative valuation of any stock to comparable stocks matched on user preferences.

  2. Create ETF Portfolio: Allows the user to make selections around asset class, geography and sector and choose whether to save a stock list or optimise a virtual portfolio using modern portfolio theory methodologies.

  3. Create Thematic Portfolio: Allows the user to select from certain high growth themes offered by Bridgeweave, choose the type and number of companies and then view a thematic basket created by the app.

  4. Track to Buy:  Allows the user to track selected stocks and be alerted when the financial metrics of a company meet pre-specified alerting criteria.

  5. Play:  Allows the user to compare a favourite stock against another stock or it’s industry segment or against the index. 

Whilst the Bridgeweave app won’t give you investment advice or recommendations, we think that it could be a helpful tool, either to assist in the monitoring of an investment portfolio, or to help you to follow other investments or market sectors that may be of interest.

As this is an early working prototype, it won’t be perfect, but that’s why we’re reaching out to you and a small group of customers to trial it. 

The trial starts on 9 October 2018 and will be completed by 9 January 2019. Your candid feedback is a crucial part of the testing process and will help to shape the development of the app. As this is an early stage test, we’ll be monitoring its performance throughout the test period. If the app continues to be available following the free trial period, Bridgeweave will contact you to discuss options if you wish to continue to use the app.

How to get involved

If you would like to be part of this first testing experience, then you need to register your details with Bridgeweave. All the information, support and feedback mechanisms you need to be part of the testing process will be sent to you by Bridgeweave once you have registered. Please note, you’ll need to be an Apple iOS user to participate.

To register please click on the link below and use the code that can be found on the invitation you received to join the trial.  The code is not unique to you and will identify to Bridgeweave that you are part of the Barclays trial. We do not disclose to Bridgeweave any details of customers who we have chosen to invite to the trial. Please note, Bridgeweave will inform us about general feedback and usage of the app during the trial, but not of your, or any individual’s, specific feedback or participation.

1 “partners” for this purpose means third parties with whom Barclays UK Ventures are collaborating in commercial arrangements to offer new product or service propositions.

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