Breaking into a highly regulated industry requires an expert team

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Diverse and high-performing teams help startups produce products at speed says Adam Durant, Founder and CEO of Satavia, finalist for the Eagle Labs Innovation Award 2020.

Satavia is a Cambridge-based startup that provides decision intelligence and actionable insight to make aviation smarter, cheaper and greener. In this video founder Adam Durant explains how having a highly diverse team helped Satavia break into the highly regulated aviation sector and innovate.

One example of Satavia’s innovation can be seen in its contribution to the Ventilator Challenge UK—a consortium of aerospace and Formula 1 companies tasked with building ventilators through the pandemic. The team built an epidemiological forecast model to predict the number of ventilators needed in the UK, which was shared with Cabinet Office.

On being shortlisted for the awards, Durant said: “We were absolutely delighted to be shortlisted for the awards and we really look forward to participating in the final event.”




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