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As part of our Industry 4.0 programme, we’ve teamed up with a collection of partners to bring you the latest blockchain related news, events, blogs, podcasts and much more. Are you interested in finding out what blockchain actually is, how businesses are using it and how it’s seamlessly becoming incorporating into all aspects of our lives?

Barclays has developed a collection of Frenzy events across our Eagle Labs allowing you to discover, network and collaborate with likeminded individuals on a wide range of technologies. We’re highly interested in building relationships with universities, researchers, start-ups, enterprise companies and anyone who is interested in blockchain technologies, no matter what your skill/knowledge levels are.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a shared, tamper-resistant, ledger that allows the process of recording transactions and tracking of different assets in a business network. Those assets can be tangible thing such as a house, a car, cash, land or intangible things such as intellectual property, patents, copyrights or branding. This means that anything of value can be tracked and traded on a blockchain network, reducing risk and cutting costs for all involved.

Business transactions take place every second of every day, for example orders, payments, account tracking and much more. Often, each participant has his or her own ledger and, thus, a version of the truth that may differ from other participants. These multiple ledgers can be a recipe for error, fraud and inefficiency. But because members on a blockchain share a common view of the truth, it’s now possible to see all details of a transaction end-to-end, reducing those vulnerabilities.

Blockchains are:

A single, shared, tamper-less ledger that once recorded, transactions cannot be altered, all parties must give the ok before a new transaction is added to the network this helps companies create paperless processes, speeds up transaction times and enhances trust across your business network. It’s not that you can’t trust those whom you conduct business with it’s that you don’t need to when operating on a blockchain network. Blockchain is particularly valuable at increasing the level of trust among network participants because as it provides cryptographic proof over a set of transactions.

This level of self-policing negates the need to depend government safeguards and sanctions to monitor and control the flow of business transactions, each of the people in the chain does that. Where oversight is required, the chain reduces the burden on that regulatory system by making it easier for auditors and regulators to review relevant transaction details.

What is Barclays Blockchain Frenzy?

Barclays Blockchain Frenzy is a series of open events across our Eagle Labs network for anyone interested in learning more about blockchain technology.

Why you should come


Meet local experts

Showcase your blockchain business/projects

Discover the latest trends

Try new pilots/demos

Collaborate with new vendors

Discover new talent

Discover new businesses

The Blockchain Timeline


Beginning of Bitcoin

Smart Contract white paper published

Decentralised application (Dapps) was introduced

Blockchain 4.0
Distributed autonomous agents & enterprises in future



Barclays Blockchain Frenzy events


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