Barclays Black Founder Accelerator 2021:


An early career platform which uses data science to connect, match, recruit and develop early career talent fairer, impartially and cost effectively.

Why did you join the Barclays Black Founder Accelerator?

An opportunity to a programme which is built to support black founders, the opportunity to grow my network and share experiences with fellow founders who understand the challenges of being a black founder. access to the contacts of being associated with Barclays and the kudos that brings.

The format of the programme with masterclasses and alumni.

Why did you want to start your business?

To make a difference, to create a legacy, the love and passion I have for business and being in control of my destiny and potential.

What would be your desired outcome from this programme?

To have raised investment, to have built a network which I can support and be supported by as part of the journey, to have the knowledge and confidence to scale a business.

Which entrepreneur inspires you the most and why?

Richard Branson - dyslexic like me, a personality, great risk taking profile, recruits the best and trusts them to do what they do and creates the environment for them to be that best version. Loves what he does and not afraid to be a fool to get the PR to fuel the business.

What has been your biggest win in your entrepreneurial journey?

My first start up which I scaled from me to a team of 42, developing a career tech platform which transformed the lives of the schools and students who use us and the platform, successfully raising £1.5M through 5 funding angel rounds, being recognised as a beacon for careers by the Careers Enterprise Company.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Scaling the business, raising finance and managing the actions required in the day whilst trying to maintain a work life balance.

Where did you go for business advice and how did it help you?

I have a comprehensive network of mentors around me, all which have different experience and areas of expertise and I am dial into who is best to help for the advice I need.

What drives you to make your business a success?

The opportunity to see the results of what we are doing, to create a value creating business for my shareholders. I have a fear of failure and that drives me immensely

What advice would you give other founders thinking about starting their own business?

Go for it, time waits for no-one and embrace the challenge.

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