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We’ve teamed up with many partners to bring you the latest AI related news, events, blogs, podcasts and much more.

Are you interested in finding out how artificial intelligence is seamlessly incorporating itself into all aspects of our lives or simply interested in what AI has to offer? If you said yes, then you have come to the right place! Barclays have developed AI Frenzy events across our Eagle Labs allowing you to come in and discover, network and collaborate with other likeminded individuals. To keep you all up to date, our AI support team will be providing the latest research, podcasts, blogs, newsletters, demos and much more. So make sure to bookmark this page!

Barclays vision is to become ‘the most AI savvy workforce in the UK’. Barclays are driving the way ahead for AI through various use cases, research, projects, events, collaborations to enhance our AI applications within the financial services. We at Barclays are highly interested in building relationships with universities, researchers, start-ups, enterprise companies and anyone who is interested in AI technologies, no matter what your skill/knowledge levels are.


The State of AI 2019

AI has moved from the peripheries into mainstream, with the UK emerging as a powerhouse of European AI.

We’ve partnered with MMC Ventures to produce a report that goes beyond the hype to explain the reality of AI today, what is to come and how to take advantage.

The report is accompanied by an AI Playbook: an accessible, step-by-step guide to taking advantage of AI. It explains, without jargon, best practice in six core competencies, whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, corporate executive or policy maker.


What is Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) & Deep Learning (DL)?

Artificial Intelligence is the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision making, and translation between languages”. - 1955, John McCarthy, a pioneer of AI

Machine Learning is a field of computer science that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed “-  1959, Arthur Samuel, IBM Journal of Research and Development

Deep Learning refers to artificial neural networks that are composed of many layers.”-  2014, Jack Rae, Google DeepMind Research Engineer.

Neural networks are a type of machine learning models. These models are inspired by the structure of the human brain.


What is the difference between AI, ML & DL?


Weak, Strong & Super AI - What’s the difference?

Weak AI
Also known as Narrow AI is non sentient artificial intelligence that focuses on a single/narrow task. Examples: Siri, Manufacturing Process Robots, Chess Playing Machine, Autonomous vehicles.

Strong AI
Also known as artificial general intelligence (AGI), describes a hypothetical machine that exactly emulates a human brain. Examples: Strong AI does not exist currently.

Artificial Superintelligence (ASI)
Is a hypothetical intellect that would outperform the best human brains in almost every way. Examples: ASI does not exist currently.

Below is a diagram showcasing a number of AI methods used by practitioners, (the third column does not show the entire list of methods) people generally cluster all these methods as Artificial Intelligence, however, as you can see there are many different methods to support different use cases/projects.

Used as a source material:, January 2018, AI in the NHS, Eleonora Harwich & Kate Laycock


Where did artificial intelligence start?

Check out this handy AI timeline.



Barclays AI Frenzy ®

What are Barclays AI Frenzy?

Barclays AI Frenzy are open events across the UK for anyone interested in learning more about artificial intelligence and meeting likeminded people

Our AI Frenzy began as internal events to support colleagues across our business, due to the success, we are opening these out across our Eagle Lab network. However, it won’t stop here. We are working with a number of universities to host mini AI Frenzy, supporting students’ AI knowledge and introducing them to AI/ML business.

What is provided?

Events are free


Network with local AI experts

Discover the latest AI trends

Try new AI pilots/demos

Collaborate with new vendors

Learn more about Eagle Labs

Discover new talent

Discover new AI/ML businesses

Opportunities to showcase your business/projects


Sign up for your nearest AI Frenzy Events.




Sign up for your nearest AI Frenzy Events.


AI Frenzy Events


AI Demos

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AI use cases within financial services

Below is an infographic on 24 potential use cases of AI within the financial services. These are not in any particular order and don’t show the whole spectrum of use cases.





External AI News / Resources

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MMC Ventures in association with Barclays
"Beyond The Hype: Artificial Intelligence” Podcast




AI Careers at Barclays

Coming soon

  • AI Digital Wings Module – to find out more about Digital Wings, please visit our site

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