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Welcome to our third edition of AI Landscape where we have collated interesting insights from the world of AI.

Technology metatrends

2019 culminated a decade of remarkable achievements and developments in science and technology. As the year was drawing to close, an incredible number of technology predictions for the upcoming decade were already floating around amongst headlines, articles, blogs, etc. Amidst these predictions are some technology metatrends that are envisaged to define the upcoming decade. Metatrends can be defined as the macro forces that inspire or shape up the future developments. These technology metatrends are set to transform businesses and industries and perhaps; renovate our livelihoods.

The article below outlines them.

20 Technology Metatrends That Will Define the Next Decade


HealthTech / MedTech

The topic of adoption of AI in the Healthcare sector has been extremely prevalent as innovations that have been showcased so far, have already established their importance and potential in terms of reducing costs to providers and improving quality and access to patients. The technological advancement in the healthcare sector continues to gain momentum with use of AI and ML becoming increasingly prevalent. The articles below illustrate range of use cases - from quicker drug development to superior radiology/imaging capability; from ADHD detection from MRI readings to keeping invisible vaccine records under skin!

SoftServe's XR Molecular Combines Mixed Reality and AI for Faster Drug Discovery


Unlearn.AI Announces Results Generated from First-of-its-Kind Machine Learning Platform to Accelerate Alzheimer’s Drug Development


Canon Medical Expands the Power of AI Across Imaging Modalities


Philips extends AI portfolio with launch of IntelliSpace AI Workflow Suite to seamlessly integrate applications across imaging workflows


Cincinnati Children's AI boosts radiologists' ADHD detection


Quantum Dots Encode Vaccine History in the Skin

Quantum computing

The applications for quantum computing are interminable: machine-learning, communication chemistry and many more. Whilst numerous research projects continue in varied domains, the following articles outline how IBM is partnering with Daimler and Delta Airlines to demonstrate potential of quantum computing to transform capabilities and experiences in the airline and automotive industries; and how Ford partners with Microsoft to use quantum technology to address traffic congestion.

IBM and Daimler teaming up for a quantum leap in battery tech

  • Potential of quantum computers to make lithium-sulfur batteries a possible replacement for lithium-ion cells.


Delta Partners with IBM to Explore Quantum Computing - an Airline Industry First

  • Use of quantum computing to transform experiences for customers and employees.


Ford, Microsoft partner to reduce congestion with 'quantum-inspired' tech

  • Quantum computing method enables simultaneously testing multiple routes and balancing them among all drivers.

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