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Welcome to this second edition of AI Landscape where we have collated interesting insights from the world of AI.

CX management

In an Omni-Channel environment, Customer experience (CX) is a competitive driver of growth and the data insights are one of the key tools for CX enhancement. But often CX data sets are complex and customer behaviours are disarrayed, which is where AI is being utilised to unleash lot of value across customer experience management.

The following article talks about two CX specialist companies coming together to utilise AI to transform experience management programs.

MaritzCX and LivingLens Partner to Transform Experience Management Programs with AI and Video

  • AI and machine learning to unveil plethora of information captured within audio-visual content; transcriptions to show what customers are saying and; object recognition to augment by providing an extra layer of context to analysis and detecting where people are and what they are doing.


The growth trajectory of deepfakes, sophisticated masquerades and synthetic voice cloning is a cause of serious concern among organisations across sectors, especially for the organisations that are looking to provide seamless/frictionless on-boarding of their clients/customers.

The below article outlines a use case of automated client/customer on-boarding with a fully automated real-time identity verification to provide a secure and reliable way to verify and on-board remote users.

Jumio Launches Real-Time Verification Solution, Powered Exclusively by AI

  • Integrated certified liveness detection tool to detect when photos, videos or even realistic 3D masks are used instead of actual selfies to create online accounts.


The evolution of the healthcare sector continues with AI and ML technology becoming increasingly prevalent in way they are being used to transform the industry.

The following articles showcases a variety of use cases - from documenting patient care to autonomous monitoring; from deployment of AI tools to improve clinical workflow to AI enabled infection control and early detection of cancer.

Microsoft, Nuance Partner on ambient clinical intelligence for physicians

  • An all-inclusive, AI-powered, voice-enabled solution — that utilises ambient sensing technology to securely listen to clinician-patient meeting conversations while offering workflow and knowledge automation to complement the Electronic Health Records (EHR).


Recent Research Utilizing AI For Early Detection Of Breast Cancer Has Doctors Rethinking The Human Role In Diagnosis

  • A deep learning model, interpreting images better at anticipating danger than existing procedures


DoD, Philips partner for AI-enabled infection control

  • Machine learning system that can identify infections 48 hours before visible symptoms.


Google, working together to develop autonomous monitoring platform

  • Autonomous monitoring platform will enable more effective and efficient way of keeping a check on hospital patients' conditions, directing tailored notifications to staff to keep them acquainted of what's happening in a room at any given time to prevent any potential mishap.


Dutch radiologists showcase pioneering vendor-neutral AI setup

  • Vendor neutral set-up enables easier deployment of AI tools and helps enhance clinical workflow at the hospital.

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