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Welcome to this first edition of AI Landscape where we have collated interesting insights from the world of AI.


Innovative companies are utilising the collective prowess of AI and Blockchain in interesting ways to understand and serve the world at a scale.

The below article showcases an interesting use case where the duo has been used to create a blockchain based missing persons’ database platform in the wake of Hurricane Dorian

Trueface and Bluestone Technologies Join Forces to Launch The First Blockchain Based Missing Persons Database Platform in the Wake of Hurricane Dorian


Customer Experience

The following articles bring to life, use cases of Conversational AI to enhance the overall customer experience.

Finn AI and Coconut strike up partnership

  • By applying conversational AI to a real-time scheduling solution software, renders a service for banks around the world that enables them to augment their communication with customers using AI
  • For instance, a customer could start with an initial conversation with a virtual advisor to obtain a personalized mortgage advice, receive pre-approval, and book a meeting to complete the process, all while remaining in a simple, natural conversation.

LivePerson launches LiveIntent, an AI-powered intent detection tool to help brands decipher consumer behaviours in real time

  • Conversational AI services offered, brings out and measures intents — what customers want — immediately in brand-to-consumer conversations over SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, RCS, Apple Business Chat, and other popular messaging channels.


This article outlines how an AI powered model help detects insider threats across platform by spotting changes in user behaviour and automatically triggering investigations.

Australian Cyber Engineers Use IBM Watson To Detect Insider Threats Across Platforms

  • Initial demo of the system enabled engineers to track tone and sentiment across several platforms. An automatic breach is triggered, as soon as a sensitive document was uploaded through gmail
  • The Tone Analyser can detect when employees’ content is out of alignment with their typical actions or personality, identifying potential accidental or malicious threats.

Elsewhere in AI

Sberbank backs hackathon using AI to tackle wildfires

  • Automatic classification of fire types on the basis of temperature anomalies data received from satellites, to help develop a solution
  • The information derived would extremely useful to recognise potential areas where forest fires occur and let stakeholders respond swiftly to avert emergencies.


AI Could Prevent Marital Arguments Before They Even Begin

  • Use of speech patterns and physiological, acoustic and linguistic data from wearable devices and smartphones could help detect conflict between couples.


The below article outlines a use case in the area of employee performance management. NICE’s solution, with the use of Ai driven analytics, provides supervisors an insight in to employee’s metrics to optimally focus their coaching efforts.

NICE Revolutionizes Performance Management with AI-Based Analytics

  • NICE Performance Management (NPM) solution, creates coaching programs that are adaptive and tailored per employee so that they have maximum impact on employee behaviour and motivate them to achieve their goals.

ML adoption amongst UK banks and financial services firms

In the first quarter of 2019 BoE and FCA sent out survey to almost 300 financial institutions (comprising the most major banks, building societies, insurance companies and financial market infrastructure firms) to collect evidence about the level of adoption of AI/ML in the UK financial services industry. The findings were recently published. The following article details the findings.

Bank of England finds two-thirds of industry using machine learning


Robotic process automation (RPA) is geared up to transform the way companies operate, serve customers, and manage data. The use cases depicted in the below two articles reflect how RPA is being used to achieve incremental benefits of digital transformation.

Automation Anywhere Launches AI-Powered RPA-as-a-Service Platform to Accelerate Global RPA Adoption

  • The game-changing platform, now available in more than 14 languages, dramatically reduces cost and infrastructure barriers to RPA adoption.


Rise of DWP welfare robots as AI helps decide if Universal Credit claims are true

  • Department of Work and Pensions are very much in using the services of ‘bots’ to facilitate sending of automated messages in relation to submitted applications and payments.

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