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Oliver McEntyre, National Agricultural Strategy Director for Barclays, talks about his thoughts on getting back to business after the easing of restrictions.

The partial easing of restrictions to control the pandemic means that we can look forward to attending some events; it is always good to catch up with friends made along the way at business to business events within the close knit community of UK agriculture and is definitely something I have missed in the last 15 months.

Clearly business to business events serve a purer purpose than the social element, they are all about knowledge transfer, networking and making connections as well as a launch-pad for the latest innovation. Cereals (at the time of writing) is going ahead on the last day of June and the first day of July – it will be the first national event since the early 2019 and the first event dedicated to the arable sector for over 2 years. Therefore the ability to check out the innovation and advances in the last 2 years in person is a valuable one for all parts of the industry, not least farmers and growers.

Whilst we all will have mixed thoughts and feelings on venturing out once again, if you are comfortable and happy to get out and about to some of the events that are beginning to trickle into the calendar now, then you can take a look at how the agricultural world innovated, evolved and moved forward. Maybe you’ll see something or make a connection that drives innovation even further even faster or how innovation and technology could be incorporated on your farm.

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