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WESAF Energy


We speak to Marvin Tabi, Founder of energy company WESAF.

Tell us about WESAF.

WESAF Energy is a Renewable Energy project developer, focused on developing high growth agro energy projects in developing countries. Our maiden project is IEPA PArk which is to be a first of its kind hybrid sugarcane to ethanol and power project in Cameroon west Africa. Sugarcane is one of if not the most efficient energy crop and WESAF aims to utilise this potential to deploy a climate focused project model that will provide energy access, economic and social development to Africa's rural communities in a clean sustainable manner.

When did you start your business?


What's been your biggest highlight

Seeing the project grow during development and communicating the intended benefits to the host communities , who now see a clear pathway to improve their lives.

What's been your biggest challenge?

Breaking into the industry with a new project model, as perceptions in the energy industry are not very open to innovation on this scale and manner.

Advice for entrepreneurs starting out

Believe in your work, seek advisers who also believe and commit all you have to the success of your venture.


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