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FreeUP founder Dr Thomas McNamara talks to us about his company.

Tell us about FreeUP.

FreeUP creates Internet of Things (IoT) sensors (freeups) to measure the real-world and has an internet dashboard to display and summarise these measurements. We also send notifications when readings are outside of a range you set to ensure that you know the moment something isn't quite right.

We have a sensor that can automate any equipment with a dial, bringing legacy equipment into the current era. If your equipment has a dial, we can automate the data it generates, send automatic alerts, all with no downtime, changes to how you use your equipment or permanent alterations to it.

We have autonomous water quality meters that measure and upload their readings in real-time. Our sensors don't need civil engineering work to be deployed and cost a fraction of comparable technology. As a result, many more sensors can be deployed, enabling full river overviews, insights and alerts. These are just our first two freeups, we aim to create many more and collaborate wherever there is a gap/lack of simple, helpful automation.

When did you start your business?


What's been your biggest highlight?

Seeing ideas materialise into well received, working, technology.

What's been your biggest challenge?

Enabling plans to survive contact with the real world.

Advice for entrepreneurs starting out

Be clear on what you are trying to achieve and focus on finding the path to that destination.


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