AgriTech Awareness Week

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To build on the launch of the Eagle Labs AgriTech programme and The Eagle Labs Farm in Lincoln last year, we’re hosting this event to highlight the importance of innovation and collaboration in the Agricultural sector across the UK. 

Our vision is to support UK agriculture and the food supply chain, to help it to become the most digitally-savvy farm force globally, and we do this through research, events, collaboration and projects to help the entire food supply chain, from farmer to retailer, understand how technology can support and accelerate their business.

The theme for the week focuses on how collaborative the support network and structure is for UK Agri-Food startups, and those with technological advancements to help transform the sector. We want to showcase how far the support for the sustainability of the sector has come in the last 12 months, and what’s next on the horizon.

AgriTech Awareness Week - Tuesday

AgriTech Awareness Week – Collaborative AgriTech UK

The Four Centres of AgriTech Excellence: Positive Change and Collaboration
11am session
In this session we have speakers from CHAP, Agri-EPI Centre, CIEL and Agrimetrics who share the support each of them can provide to AgriTech and AgriFood startups as well as update us on how they have worked together over the last 12 months.





Across the Meadow: Where to Turn to for Help
2pm session
In this session, Wendy Hewitson (Eagle Labs) speaks to Belinda Clarke (AgriTech E), Sarah Carr (Farm491) and Michael Gifford (Barn4) about how they are collaboratively working together and supporting the industry and as experts in the field, how they are supporting businesses on a growth journey.



You can watch the AgriTech Awareness Week events here.


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