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Are you interested in finding out how AgriTech is transforming the way in which we farm the land, or simply interested in what AgriTech has to offer? Or maybe you’re an AgriTech business looking for mentoring, research, and support to cultivate your idea. If you said yes, then you have come to the right place! Barclays have curated AgriTech industry programming, across our Eagle Labs allowing you to come in and discover, network and collaborate with other likeminded individuals. To keep you all up to date, Barclays will be providing the latest research, podcasts, blogs, newsletters, demos and much more. So make sure to bookmark this page!

Barclays vision is to support UK Agriculture to become the most digitally savvy farm force in Europe. Barclays are supporting this through various use cases, research, projects, events, collaborations to enable farmers and the wider supply chain to understand how technology can support them. We at Barclays are highly interested in building relationships with universities, researchers, start-ups, enterprise companies and anyone who is interested in AgriTech, no matter what your skill/knowledge levels are.

What is AgriTech and FoodTech?

AgriTech is the use of technology, and technological innovation to improve the efficiency, sustainability, and productivity of agriculture. It can be used for a wide range of purposes, from growing more food with less space, less water, and produce more yield. It can also be the use of robots for planting or picking crops, or milking cattle. It can also be the use of big data, machine learning and AI to help farmers make better decisions on how to improve their business.

FoodTech is the use of technology from farmgate to plate, to bin, and everything inbetween. The biggest impact FoodTech is having on the value chain is in both enabling better transparency, and combating the fight against food wastage.

With an additional 2.3bn people to feed by 2050, we need to be able to produce more food, with less resource, in an environmentally sustainable way, and we want to support the industry achieve these goals.

AgriTech Timeline

Date: 1750

Stat - Canninng

The UK’s growing population stands at 5.7 million and is putting pressure on food supply. This level had been reached twice before but agriculture could not meet the demand, preventing the population from growing further

Date: 1830
Stat - Machinery is developed

A wide variety of machinery is developed, improving the efficiency of the cutting and threshing of grain

Date: 1837
Stat - John Deere invents the steel plough

John Deere invents the steel plough. The smooth texture of the steel blade would not allow the soil to stick as the cast iron plough did

Date: 1850
Stat - New farming systems emerge

New farming systems emerge such as draining technologies, rotation of turnips and clover, and high intensity arable farming, helping the population grow to 16.6 million

Date: 1892
Stat - The gasoline powered tractor is invented

The gasoline powered tractor is invented. This is turn replaces the horse drawn plough in the early 1900s

Date: 1950
Stat - The Green Revolution beings in Mexico

The Green Revolution begins in Mexico, investing heavily in agricultural research. New breeds of maize, beans and wheat produced bumper crops with careful cultivation

Date: 1980

Stat - The Green Revolution spreads

The Green Revolution had spread successful technologies worldwide. The new methods improved growing conditions through irrigation, pesticides and synthetic nitrogen fertiliser. Technologies such as hybrids and genetic selection were now commonplace

Date: 1984
Stat - World grain production had increased by 160%

World grain production had increased by 160% from 1950, with the population growing by about 5 billion since the start of the Green Revolution to present day

Date: 2014
Stat - Global financing of agritech

Global financing of agritech deals rise considerably, with deal activity more than doubling from 2013-14

Date: 2017

Stat - The UK is listed as world leading

The UK is listed as a world leading agritech hub due to:

  • Access to world class science
  • Its innovative and connected farming supply chain
  • Its dynamic business environment

Date: 2017
Stat - 3rd

The UK becomes the 3rd most active country for agritech startup funding in 2017 as startups raised over $500m across 69 deals

Date: 2018
Stat - 14bn

The UK agritech sector is worth more than £14bn and employs over 500,000 people 

Date: 2019
Stat -The UK gov commits £90m

The UK government commits £90m of public money to transform food production to be at the forefront of sustainable agriculture

Date: 2025
Stat - £19bn

Agritech industry expected to grow to around c£19bn by 2025 


We're looking for member businesses who:

  • Have a product or solution that could change disrupt, or be diffused into, the agricultural and food supply chain industry.
  • Are made up ambitious individuals who have the talent to develop an idea and the potential to grow rapidly.
  • Are open to collaboration and will benefit from the support of partners and their peers.


In return, our Members will have access to:

  • Access to a digital network of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Mentoring and coaching from leading entrepreneurs, legal industry practitioners and academics
  • An extensive AgriTech events programme, workshops and meet-ups
  • AgriTech academic expertise for industry insight, prototyping and R&D
  • An inspiring and collaborative community of AgriTech and FoodTech businesses
  • Connectivity into innovation, investment and corporate networks

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