The 9 ways banking with Barclays is more accessible than people thought…

Think accessible banking is only about branch ramps and braille statements? Think again. We present some accessibility information about Barclays that you might not have known.

Voice Security

This technology verifies customers based solely on their voice, making it a highly secure method of verification. The service is free and makes it easier for telephone banking customers to access their account, especially those who struggle to remember passwords. 

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Secure chat on-the-go

Accessed through the Barclays Mobile Banking app, this live chat service allows you to have an instant secure chat with a member of Barclays staff from your mobile and undertake servicing activities. Great for people on a noisy train or for someone with hearing loss alike.

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Simpler Security

We have implemented a number of inclusive customer service enhancements throughout 2016 such as Barclays Mobile Banking fingerprint touch authentication – making customers’ lives easier. We recognize that PIN’s and passcodes can be a real barrier for those with sight, dexterity, dyslexia or memory difficulties.

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Accessibility Accredited Banking Apps

Barclays mobile banking and the Barclaycard mobile apps on the Apple operating platform have been re-accredited by external accessibility experts AbilityNet for the second year running – highlighting our efforts to ensure that we deliver the best experiences to the broadest customer base possible – particularly disabled and older users.

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High Vis Debit Cards Just Got More High Vis

High Vis debit card

Our popular range of High Visibility Debit Cards have already had close to 10,000 issued. However, as of last month, in addition to high contrast and brightly coloured designs and a tactile notch for easy orientation, you’ll now find that the CVV numbers on the reverse of the card have also been enlarged.

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We Mean Business About Accessibility

No business is exempt from needing to consider how it can better support disabled employees or consumers. That’s why we launched our Corporate Accessibility Portal, there to support small or large businesses in taking another step forward in becoming more accessible and inclusive.

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Changing Hearts and Minds



Everyone has a role to play in making the world a more accessible place, but for some, they’ve just never thought about it that way before. Our ‘Let’s Talk Accessibility’ short film, was originally created to help our Digital Teams think about their role in making Barclays digital platforms more accessible, but we think the message translates beyond banking – and we hope everyone who sees this can think about.



Accessibility-Savvy Customers & Colleagues

When it comes to up-skilling thousands of staff, we know that building knowledge and confidence is best done when colleagues are engaged and inspired. And when it comes to raising awareness of our accessible services with our millions of customers, it can be hard to get the information into the hands of those who need it. That’s why we opt for a range of exciting and interesting ways to find out about accessibility, internally and externally, from accessibility roadshows, social media chat hours, TV campaign, participation in national events such as Disabled Access Day participation, or the use of our award winning e-learning platform, Community Wings, to allow staff to learn ‘on the go’.

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Got a question or comment about accessibility at Barclays? Why not get in touch with us via Twitter @BarclaysAccess, we’d love to hear from you.

For a full list of all the Barclays accessible banking options, visit

If you’re a business owner or change maker, check out our Corporate Accessibility Portal which offers insights and practical tools from our journey of accessibility and others who champion best practice.

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